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Our Story

Back in 2012 I started creating my own Candles for my own home. I lived in a college town and I love nothing more then coming home to my little apartment and walking in the door after a long hard day to vanilla and coconut scents greeting me at the door. I began creating batches and candles and melts for my friends and family for the holidays and for gifts for birthdays. After my husband encouraged me to share our products I began to create ones for sale in 2014. We did small events, Pop up tables in malls and pop up table days at local events and know we’ve grown and stretched.

Meet the owner


Mary Orvosh- Baby cakes candles is my passion and my heart, I love creating products to fill homes with beauty and grace. For me that means creating products that give comfort and joy. Whether it is for your first apartment, first house, your first place with your spouse. To me it is all stepping stones and I have taken that step myself and I am honored to be a part of your journey.