About our company.

So we began our journey as simple as many others. In 2012 I found myself in my first house. I tried so many brands of candles. My house always smelt amazing. That was my big thing. I cleaned constantly, studied hard but at the end of the day I wanted that comfy room/apartment that smelled like vanilla cookies/warm and inviting. So I made my first batch of “baby candles” little baby food jars filled with hobby/ craft store wax & vanilla fragrance oil. My interest was sparked. Week by week more oils more wax till I moved to North Carolina. I had a bigger kitchen, and room to grow. Then 2 years ago we got our first house and I got my first office. It’s still just an office in our home but everyday I’m pushing to grow more. Every purchase brings me closer. This year I’m hoping to buy a little building for in the yard to create a separate workshop.