Honey Fragrance
: This fragrance is so sweet and delicious!

It is a true, rich and sticky honey scent mixed with a delicious roasted almond scent that will leave your home smelling scrumptious.

4 reviews for Honey Almond Wax Melter Bar

  1. Kennie

    This melt thing is so relaxing I’m a chill guy who likes a clean house with a nice scent for when the ladies come over we’ll this is my new go to my female friends say it makes them relaxed and comfy at my place 5/5

  2. Judy pickell

    I love this one
    Reminds me of honey bees and sweet summer months gosh I can’t wait for those warm days I love this scent

  3. Kasey

    I got this one for the kids room to calm them down at night and man I’m glad I did thanks sis I love ya for always making me unique blends for the babies

  4. Alexis

    So I love mare to pieces and I want to say I ordered this and my little buddy had it to me in like a day!!! She’s amazing!! I’ve always loved her candles and now I’m addicted to her melts

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