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Dark musk is a Sultry amber mixed with the embrace of silky sandalwood. It contains velvety florals and tender musks to create this smoldering sensual oriental blend.

Top Notes:  eucalyptus, cinnamon
Mid Notes:  gardenia, violet
Base Notes:  musk, amber, patchouli, pine


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31 reviews for Dark Musk

  1. Beth

    This is now my all time favorite melter! I love vanilla and musk smells and this is the PERFECT combination of both. Please please PLEASE don’t ever stop making this so I can continue to buy! I can melt one of these blocks and my entire house smells which is so pleasing and comforting. Also, I absolutely love the design on the packaging. Very cool and pretty!

  2. Dawn

    It smells delicious, has quite a strong fragrance even though you might not think it would.

  3. Jane

    The scent of this candle is a clean, earthy scent. The name is a bit misleading because it does not smell too sweet at all.

  4. Amber

    This one surprised me . Usually “musk” can be too much or overwhelming . But This candle is wonderful. It has just enough throw out a shell that will fill a room and it isn’t too sweet and didn’t contain too much Amber. It’s a new favorite of mine. It has a great blend and the scent is definitely a new obsession.

  5. Keerry

    I have been really enjoying this smell so much, it’s a soft musk with a slight sweetness. Even my husband likes it. (Hes incredibly picky) so I really love when he likes a scent and I really appreciate the thank you card and how she did the packing she even made it look like a gift when she mailed it

  6. Minh young

    This smell really surprised me in a good way. The only way I can think of to describe it is if your at your mommas or grandmas and you think you smell baked goods but then a you smell a little perfume under belly. You think oh what is she wearing I like it …. then you get distracted by the smell of baked goods again. It’s different and so satisfying. I would honestly wear this scent if it came out as a perfume. Safe to say I’m buying about five of these

  7. Jessica

    This candle is my favorite smell. My husband passed away last year and it reminds me of him.

  8. Cozy

    I like this scent as it is not too feminine. Nor is it too masculine. It is a ubisex scent based on warmth and musk. Its plesant for both men and women.

  9. Arie

    A “manly” smell. Reminds me of a cologne. Pungent, but in a good way. I really like this one, when autumn arrives.

  10. Janice

    When I was selling my home id have this burning. I made sure to tell the Realtor to make sure he lit the candles.

    He reported back to me that almost every person that came for a showing, looked at the candle for the name of the scent. He told me at least five of them wrote it down.

    I just love cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, going around and lighting my candles and making the house seem quiet and cozy and homey.

    This scent does it for sure. When I smell it…I’m home! You have to give it a try if you’ve never done so before. I can just about guarantee you’ll like it!

  11. Julie

    Absolutely wonderful.
    Dark in color and rich in scents,
    it almost reminds me of a nice-smelling gentleman.

    It fits in every room of my home and I stocked up so I always have one on hand.

    I haven’t met a man yet that doesn’t like it, which is great if you’ve got a man over in the house.

    Definitely one that works for everyone.

    I highly recommend it.

  12. Peggy wilson

    I want to thank you so much for having such a wonderful scent.

    I just found this scent and it’s so nice because I met my soulmate/husband on a dark and musky night 😀 and I had met him on an online game and when he flew in from his state to move in I had a limo bring him to his new home. And it was late at night and it was a dark and musky night and its almost like this scent was meant for us.

    I even got a personal big jar candle with our wedding picture on it. In this scent.

    I just can’t say enough wonderful things about this scent. Everything about this melter is amazing. Thank you so much again.

  13. Karen

    Wonderful summer fragrance. Long lasting candle.

  14. Theresa

    Rich, sultry, smells like your favorite man. (or woman)

  15. Kay johnson

    Omg this is my favorite. It reminds me of a good smelling man !!!

  16. Cali

    boy, this is a great smell and great melter. It is our favorite in this category and one of the best overall. I read several reviews saying how great this scent is and about the throw, it’s nice and strong. I just love this sexy scent!!!!!!

  17. Melissa

    This smells amazing, the aroma fills our home. My husband loves it. A crisp, refreshing cologne smell. Definitely my favorite!

  18. Moe

    This scent is a warm,fabulous fragrance.

    Not too sweet; a bit of spice.

    I’m mostly a sandalwood/ patchouli/cinnamon kind of gal.

    It reminds me of a man’s ‘high-end’ cologne without being too overpowering. (I wear Paloma Picasso, Red Door & Kenneth Cole Black for Women- to give you an idea about this candle’s fragrance notes).

    Exotically masculine, yet romantic. Makes a great gift for the ‘man who has everything’ as well as for the woman who loves that man! I love this scent.

  19. Joyce rebecca

    By far one of my husband’s & my favorite scents! We keep these melting in our bedroom. It is not overly flowery which my husband appreciates. It is also not laden with that heavy cologne smell which I appreciate. This candle could almost be put under the “Man Candle” section…. but there is this other layer of scent that appeals to the ladies. This is a repeat purchase!!! We have bought a handful of these in the last year or two just because it is such a great scent. We even have took a melter and put it in a little jar to make the cars smell good! Really do love love love!

  20. Aurora

    I can’t even describe how wonderful this scent is! It’s so calming and it has a beautiful musky smell to it. It smells like men’s cologne but in a good way! It’s definitely one of the more masculine smells but being female, I still highly enjoyed it. It gives off a very clean smell and the scent throw is great! In spite of the very strong smell it puts off in the package the actual scent throw is well balanced and good! I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a candle that isn’t sweet smelling.

  21. Elxis wilson

    My favorite candle love the smells that leaves in the entire house

  22. Julia

    It is a very strong scent, but to me has always been comforting and not overpowering. The best part about this melter is you can burn it for an hour and the smell will waft through the air for the rest of the day.

  23. Sunsetbabe

    I use this one in my home office and always try to keep an extra little package of these in the closet! This is a scent for both men and women alike! You can slightly smell this even when there not melted. Once you start melting the scent feels the room withinin 15-20 minutes with a wonderful middle notes. Last night the room was still scented even 30 minutes of turning my melter off or when the melter candle burns out!

  24. Jewel

    My husband’s man cave was becoming a little, ya know. He has his weight set and treadmill in there and sweat doesn’t smell good, and he takes his shoes and socks off in there and well.. He doesn’t really like heavy scents or girly smells but I picked this one up and put it in a little wall melter in his cave and he really likes the manly scent of it. And now I don’t need a clothes pin to go in and clean the room haha. Good one for the men, or for gals that really like the musky smell of a man in their home!

  25. Sweethoney

    I absolutely, adore this scent. This is a great scent, for both men and woman. It has a rich fragrance, that fufills your home , for a long time. It is a strong scent, but not overbearing. This scent smells like a cross between , a hint of mens soft cologn, nice berries, & a soft hint of musk. It is just the right amount, to make you feel like you are walking through a rich department store. (Think Macy’s,Dillards, Bonton,jcpenny) It puts you on top of the world. I absolutely reccomend this fragrance to all!

  26. Elizabeth

    I bought this a months ago during a sale. I wanted to buy this as a stocking stuffer for my guy friends and boy was I right about picking this one! I can say the scent is strong but not overpowering like it gives you a headache. It has a bold scent, both fresh and woodsy at the same time! I ended up buying 3 full sized jar candles!

  27. Katie long

    This scent is like being all wrapped up in a blanket and cozy by the fire. The aroma is a mix of the cool autumn night air and crisp dry fall leaves. Perfect for the season and sets the one.

  28. Gino

    Love this scent. This is Fall in a jar. The scent is what I love about Fall. Cozy and at the same time a little eerie

  29. Candle mama

    I really like this fragrance, smells sweet and spicy like fall. A lighter, sweeter scent in contrast to Autumn Leaves (which I also like), but not so woodsy.

  30. Candle mama

    I really like this fragrance, smells sweet and spicy like fall. A lighter, sweeter scent in contrast to Autumn Leaves (which I also like), but not so woodsy.

  31. Brandy

    This candle smells so dreamy and it fills the whole room with a really pleasant autumn scent. The smell lingers

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