Apple Blossom Wax Melter Bar



Apple Melters

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A Macintosh apple scent

fresh apple


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Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 3.00 × 4.25 × 4.00 in

10 reviews for Apple Blossom Wax Melter Bar

  1. Jasmine V

    So I love apple my whole house is apples! I love there fresh fruity juicy yummy scent I ordered 4 of these from mare and I will continue to order and order because they came in 1!!! Day!!! She’s so good and she gave me the tracking info literally one hour after my order! Faster then amazon!! She’s so sweet I can’t get over the experience! With this sweet woman! Truely blessed to have met her in dental school. I love her stuff and I hope if your readying this you’ll love apple scent too!

  2. Sarah a

    I can tell you I love this scent not like but love! I ordered these for my moms cause she’s a heavy heavy smoker and I wanted something to freshen up her place man was I impressed. Mary had me try this scent to cleanse the house and I got orange for the kitchen and I love the both so much I will be ordering more tonight for myself.

  3. Janet r

    I just got my order and I’m so tickled I got my Valentine’s Day bucket and these apple melts and I’m on the cloud nine she’s so fast and precise I got my tracking order about 20 mins after purchase I can’t tell you any other business that I’ve experienced such good service

  4. Alexis R

    I love this scent for my whole house so I’ve always spent hundreds on candles from the yankee and from the big bath store and I met this little lady at a craft show she’s just so little I instantly loved her personality she’s a hard worker bee and she makes such nice products I can’t beat her prices anywhere I’ve looked and boy do I love her stuff the melters melt better then the big brands and they smell sooo much better for longer

  5. Rosie quailer

    Susie q
    Hawaii native
    I met mary at this church function and I had to try her scents she had this bright pink table cloth and she just drew my attention due to personality and attention to detail she’s been in customer service a long time and boy does it show she gave me one heck of a deal on her sampler pack and I was so thrilled with it. I really love the apple and I love hazelnut I was impressed by the hazelnuts power and deliciousness and the apples clean fresh sparkling scent

  6. Rhawanda

    I got this for my sister-in-law (Monica) she bragged and loved it so much I came back for some for my moms birthday (mom rants and raved about how long the scents lasted) and now my anniversary gift to my wonderful wife Susie I am a lucky woman to have found such awesome woman and this company makes it easy to order I surprised sus for our anniversary 1 year legally married 17 years together and this company did so good she loves apple so the company put together a basket of apple melts apple hearts apple flowers and I presented it to her and she cried and laughed she loves it and she loves how it came with a sweet personalized card. Thank you guys from sus and I

  7. Nicholas

    I wanted to review the person who makes these as well as her products. I met mary at a fair/open house this I got dragged too and I immediately liked her personality. She was bright and bubbly and kind. I had this conversation with her and felt like she was someone I knew my whole life! She’s this cute little girl with such big dreams and it’s honestly so refreshing to be around her and her products. I can’t tell you the last time I met someone who was so easy to talk to and she gave me a cute little sampler. I bought 7 more bars of melters after walking around with the sampler smelling it. So all and all I love my bars and I really like her and her ideas. Try her stuff she’s a good one.

  8. Michael

    I bought four of these for teachers week for my kids teachers. They loved these!

  9. Hubert

    Great stuff! Her quality is really good stuff and she’s a good person. It’s a rare thing these days

  10. Phyllis Evans

    Phyllis Evans:
    I bought this at a fair, enjoyed her stuff. Will be buying more of these for my grand daughters wedding

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