Hot fudge brownie

this candle will make you drool! You will Lose yourself in the creamy and satisfying aromas of this decadent Fudge Brownie. This scent comes in a Wooden Wick Candle or a wax melt bar.

You will never want go to the trouble of baking again! When you light the wooden wick, which offers a smooth, clean burn and creates a great fragrance too,

This candle features rich tones of chocolate fudge that will fill the room along with the subtle background scents of vanilla and sugar. Let the melted magic of this sweet treat candle indulge your taste for chocolate.

Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 3.00 × 4.25 × 4.00 in

13 reviews for Hot fudge Brownie

  1. Ruth jill

    Brownie points for such a great scent I bought this at event at the local church Mary had her booth setup it’s my new favorite melter

  2. Bobby joe

    Delicious scent smells like my aunt use to bake ya homemade in the winter months I come from the Appalachia’s and I found this southern girl on Etsy!!! I love her she’s so easy to work with!!!

  3. Kayia s

    I love this one ☝🏾
    Miss mar is so adorable
    She hooked a gurl up
    I got this one and chocolate covered strawberry my man is luving on the apartment smell right now

  4. Katie l

    I got this today
    Omg 😮 so good
    I normally don’t do anything like chocolate for melts but who doesn’t love brownie????
    Totally 10/10 for this gurl

  5. Ashley havannah

    Love it! Have been searching for chocolate melters for a while and so glad I found one. There a lot bigger than expected. Great gift idea for chocolate lovers.

  6. Momma G

    Mary you really have outdid yourself with this line of candles and melters I’m very impressed sweet heart your a smart girl and I hope you see this I love you like a daughter and I love the brownie melters you made me I am so proud of you honey girl keep up your hard work I can’t get over how great you did on these they are my new favorite

  7. Casey Franklin

    Casey Franklin
    Baltimore Maryland

    Ordered 02/01/2019
    I ordered from here due to her helping at my mothers church. I am very impressed with her handling of my package. I’m a realtor. I ordered brownie &pumpkin and blueberry cobbler. I had my order in one business day.. She promptly gave me the order number, shipping invoice, and PayPal receipt. (I will be using these for scenting for my business I sell home for a professional real estate company here In Baltimore.) I am ecstatic with the quality and quickness I used these the next weekend and I closed 3 houses with everyone commenting on my excellent baking skills…store bought pie and these melters. So if you sell homes you will love her products as much as me.

  8. Mac

    Strong scent

  9. Eugene

    Good coloring and product

  10. Maxine

    I’m impressed it’s good quality

  11. Lexie

    Lexie Washington

    Bought from her after seeing her stuff on Insta I really like it. Clean and good

  12. Casey

    Casey arbuckle
    Houston Texas

    Found her on Etsy
    Really love her stuff
    Cool chick
    I’ll order again
    Good shit
    Good price

  13. Jason

    Good scent surprsising for the money

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