Hazelnut Melter Bar

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A sweet nutty note that adds a delicious smells like coffee and fresh cream

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Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 3.00 × 4.25 × 4.00 in

9 reviews for Hazelnut Melter Bar

  1. Susan sullivan

    I bought my melter about 4 weeks ago, I got this email asking me to review and I must say I’m happy too I didn’t know I’d love this fragrance so much it’s like a delicious coffee yet nutty blend it smells so good

  2. Marcus elite

    Hazelnut has always been my favorite and this blend is perfect it’s fresh smelling great to melt when your having friends over

  3. Evelyn albruce

    I love coffee I love lattes I love this smell it’s like a coffee yet kinda sweet and savory got my melt pack in the mail the day after I ordered it was so fast

  4. Maria lupita

    I asked my kids for melters for Christmas this was one of my favorite gifts I didn’t expect to like it this much but that scent is amazing it fills my house

  5. Melissa

    10/10 I was super pleasantly surprised I buy big brands a lot but this was a delicious pleasant surprise of a treat

  6. Marcus ottos

    I bought this for my wife and I love it I am a coffee dude I don’t mess around with foamy coffees this scent is great I normally don’t like the melters but I would buy this again

  7. Jackie b

    Gosh, this is a great product! My 12 foot ceilings were filled with a soothing scent: I like to melt this during the day whether someone is coming over or not Its scent is wonderful. not to Strong not to sweet just right and so relaxing. It also helps with dog “oops!” moments and any stench

  8. Kelly simpson

    This is possibly one of the best smelling melters I have ever owned. My house smells amazing! It smells just like I’ve brewed a fresh pot of coffee. I am so super impressed.

  9. Susan Keller

    Great product
    For me I ordered hazelnut expecting a very coffee smell and I was so pleased with what I got so the sentence self has a very nutty and almost a cherry base but it is very much a coffee smells very rich and very delightful I was very much shocked how I did like it. I live close to Miss Mary she makes an excellent product and she does so in a small batch which for me makes all the difference because the scent isn’t ever diluted it’s so rich and very much embodied. This will be probably about the ninth batch of items that I’ve ordered from her. She always does something extra for me and I’ve never found another business that will go ahead and Do something like that. She is literally having great sales all the time and she’s always willing to go out and find a fragrance if you want it.

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