Heart Melters

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Won’t you be our valentine?

With our dreamy valentine’s special  🎁 you’ll be hearing won’t you be mine?

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Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 3.00 × 4.25 × 4.00 in

7 reviews for Heart Melters

  1. Cindy felter

    Bought 32 of these for my wife
    She loved her special boutique gift

  2. Wilson bride

    Bought a handful of these for my brides maids #wilsonwarriors!
    #lovemybridesmaids #thanksforsuperfastshipping
    #wilsonwife #happywifehappylife #drwilsoninwhite
    #thanks for the memories

  3. Frankie

    Got these for a baby shower she made em white outside and melted to a glitter bomb center boom it’s a girl

  4. Caleb

    Thanks for the shipping

  5. Ashley J

    Happy with how these turned out

  6. Cindy worchuck

    Bought these from her mom she’s a nice lady at my work I love em

  7. Jullian

    Bought these on a whim for my new girlfriend she was impressed

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