Cobbler Candle

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This candle smells like a homemade baking delight

You will love this yummy scent

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Delicious sugar cookie scented Cobbler candle

7 reviews for Cobbler Candle

  1. Susan EIlen Bester

    I got a basket for a baby shower OH MY GOSH YES
    The new momma loooooved it miss mare went above and beyond.
    Yellow duck shaped melters and the sweetest sweet pea and cherry blossom (I LOVE THESE SCENTS AND The NEW MOMMA DID TOO!)
    I am pretty amped everyone asked where I got this cute basky!
    I will buy again
    she even filled my basket with a personalized card and packaging it looked so great

  2. Graceofgod

    I got this with a blue cobbler bowl I love the fragrance of candles in my home. This scent is a Sugar Cookie/ baked good scent and it is amazing.the scent is authentic and yummy. It made me crave cookies! I just wonder how you do it! I am so Looking forward to the new seasons ahead and the delight of your candles gracing our gatherings.

  3. Matthew howell

    I got this in a brown cobbler bowl and this candle literally smells like freshly baked sugar cookies!! I used it for an open house I was hosting for our big developer clients. I guess i should have baked a batch of cookies because people were looking around for them and asking if I ate them. I highly recommend if you are looking for that freshly baked cookie smell.

  4. Lucy gitti

    Lalalaloooove this candle. I fell in love with the little baking pan bottom and man can I say I Will never try a different one because this scent is so amazing. I am gonna give them out as gifts for Christmas. This house smells fantastic!! My husband always tells me the house smells delicious when he gets home and that’s more than enough for me!! The kids even ask if I’m baking!! Makes our new house become our home.

  5. Eve

    I wish this was an edible candle because it smells absolutely scrumptious!!!! This is a great candle, I burned it yesterday and it lasts forever!!

  6. Jacolyn merister

    My names Linda schuesyer and I bought this candle about a month ago and it’s absolutely devine smelling candle. Won’t go wrong in ordering it. I use to spend a fortune on big brands and I found Mary at our local market day. I have had it long enough to know
    exactly how long it burns, and I am enjoying every minute we have it burning. Great product!

  7. Jazz

    I love these scents,
    Always great products and great quality.
    Highly recommend to my friends and family.

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