Magnolia blossom


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This fragrance is vibrant it has a lemony linalool base.

This scent smelsl like sweet candy, spicy verbena, tart lemon, citrus-honey or dusty violets.

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Dimensions 3.00 × 4.25 × 4.00 in

5 reviews for Magnolia blossom

  1. Mickey

    This is the first time I found magnolia in a melter it’s incredible that I could find it I love how summery it smells

  2. Ted turner

    All the scent of magnolia without the ugly tree in your yard

  3. Julie weston

    I really love florals and this one is not to strong and not to much to handle

  4. Juliette smith

    You will love this I am obsessed because it’s a really light but yummy smell

  5. Miley

    First time In Year’s I found magnolia anything it’s a southern ladies dream

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