Pumpkin pie all year long, Just like grandma use to make.

Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 3.00 × 4.25 × 4.00 in

4 reviews for Pumpkin Pie Melter Bar

  1. Shakayla

    Buy this one
    I love this scent
    I could do pumpkin all year long
    I love fall and sweaters and pumpkin everything
    And this scent is my all time favorite. It beats the big brands pumpkin I don’t have no clue what she be using in these to make em last so long but my melters got my house smelling so fresh and delicious my boyfriend comes over talking about what I baked him heck yes
    Please don’t ever and I mean ever get rid of this scent gurl

  2. Mark o

    Fucking delicious

  3. Marcus henry

    I bought this for my girlfriend she likes it so I like it a lot too

  4. Josh

    Went to school with this girl can’t get over the growth I’ve seen in her and the overall kick ass progress these products have had. Bought her candles when she was in Pennsylvania in our shitty town I’ll buy them forever because she makes great products and she is such a driven young lady.

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