Why candles?

Why candles?

  • We love gift giving and special events! Personalizing melts & candles for baby showers, wedding showers, birthdays and much more!
  • We love small batch candles/melts because we believe in quality unique scents & always having special pours!
  • We love candles and melters! The warmth and essence they fill our home with.
Our spice cake candle 🕯

18 thoughts on “Why candles?

  1. I think your stuff is gorgeous and I love your overall theme and bubbly personality. You are a real go get it girl! Keep up the hard work sweetie.

    Miss kat!

  2. yourstuff us just great. you helped me order and I found something in my budget! I order here because you understand are finances and your prices are a affordabil.

  3. I shopped here locally and she gives friendly, nice dialogue. She has some great knowledge on the candles and melt bars and I am now living here in this area. I like shopping local and I will continue to shop with her.

  4. Melters
    Bought 10+
    Shocked with size & scent
    Great sizes, great off put
    Didn’t expect good pricing and good quality
    Pleasantly surprised by the way that you are handling your small business and the customer service is always so nice and friendly would definitely recommend this place to friends.

  5. She saved our wedding,
    We had a planner seriously 😒 cancel 5 days before our big day.
    I bride-Zillidad and she handled everything.
    400 candles in 5 days was nothing for her. She found the perfect color (previous lady couldn’t even find the mint color/like Tiffany blue).
    So I could relax and plan the honey moon. She even made me floating candles.

  6. So she made me a red, blue and yellow, and green set of candles.

    Which fit my little girls party theme, I am beyond happy, I didn’t care much for the wizards witj our religion till I talked and took the time to understand it. She changed my opinions and definitely won my business.

  7. I like the blueberry, pancake, and cinnamon roll I like the melters and jars The ceramic stand things work really well!!! I’ve bought several. I enjoy her products and I enjoy the easy options. Good scents, great prices.

  8. Thanks to my father who told me about this web site, I am obsessed with this little lady and this company!!!! Mary is a fighter and it shows! She makes awesome down to earth things. She’s part of our little family now!

  9. Way cool candles!
    Cool designs, unique jars Some extremely cool new ideas! I like this creativity!!! I appreciate you reaching out to ask if I was happy! Free sample of the blueberry was a surprise in my candle box!

  10. Beautiful colors, and great just great stuff. Bought jars at this event, been very happy with them. 10 jars and all have great throw. I’m very happy.

  11. I ordered these from the last event last October and I was just so happy. I got cactus blossom. I ordered 6 of them the quality is so good and the throw is great.

  12. Maggie:
    I ordered 17 melters in various fragrances.
    My favorite is:
    Orchid & sea salt
    Carmel pumpkin crunch
    Hazelnut coffee
    downy (April type)

    I love these melters and there throw is just so good. I’m very pleasantly surprised by the quality and scents.

  13. Mark Kellogg

    I ordered lots of sage and citrus, and sea and sand, sea kale.

    I love these fresh scents and highly recommend them.

  14. Sweet delightful scents
    I highly recommend
    Baked delicious 🤤 scented candles
    I bought these at a farmers market and I highly recommend.
    Great quality, great prices.

  15. Sabrina-
    I quite enjoyed the fresh scent.
    The wax was very enjoyable and easy to burn and processed great smell.

  16. Matt Green:
    Pittsburgh pa.

    Mary is from a town a few over from mine and I discovered her on Instagram. She is a fun creative mind and I love purchasing from her. She makes every package personalized and she makes the purchase fast and easy and worth it. She shipped the very same day and she packaged it so nicely.

  17. I love your products and the candles. There is a good variety of both colors and jars. I’ve been very happy with my orders.

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